Accessing Submissions

If you want to access a submission for a form that you previously submitted or saved as a draft, navigate to the form.  If you have any previous submissions you will see a message displayed at the top of the page containing a link to View your previous submissions.

View your previous submissions

The submissions table will display a list of all submissions (final submissions and drafts).  From this view you will be able to View, Edit (if permitted), Download PDF copies (if permitted), Prefill New Submissions (if permitted) and even Delete submissions (if permitted).

View Previous Submissions

Clicking on the View link in the table above will direct you to the viewable submission.

Clicking on the Download PDF link from the view page, or from the submission results table, will open a new window with a downloadable and printable PDF file containing all of the submission values.

If the form you have submitted is configured to allow new submissions to be made by pre-filling results from previous submissions that you have made, you will see a link Prefill new from the submissions results table.  Clicking this link will immediately copy all of the results (some results may not be allowed to be copied and will have to be manually updated) into a new Draft submission.

After a new submission has been copied from a previous one, you will be automatically redirected to the view page for the new draft submission. You must click the Edit tab at the top of the form in order to edit the values and submit the form. Until you have submitted the form from the edit page, it will remain as a draft in the submission results table.