Campus Security Event Application

This application must be submitted to Campus Security 10 days prior to any event(s) being held on Campus.

Where alcohol is to be served, this application must be filled out and submitted to Campus Security 25 days prior to any event(s) held on Campus.

Campus Security Office: 250.807.8859

Scholars Catering: 250.807.9131


  • Special Occasion Licenses are issued to bona fide groups or organizations for social and recreation functions and may be attended only by members and invited guests.
  • There may be a limit imposed on the frequency with which these functions may be sponsored by any one organization.
  • The sponsoring organization shall save harmless UBC from any and all damages that can reasonably be demonstrated as resulting from the function. Liability Insurance coverage may be required and proof presented of its existence.
  • The sponsoring organization is responsible for ensuring that all provisions of the Liquor Act and the Regulations there under are observed and enforced.
  • Admission to these functions must be limited to those eligible for membership in the sponsoring group plus a reasonable number of invited guests, and any advertising must so indicate. Reference to the availability of alcohol at these functions is not permitted on advertising materials.
  • The function must not commence prior to the approved starting time of exceed beyond the approved finishing time. All student functions must terminate by midnight on weekdays and by 0100 hours on weekends (Friday and Saturday nights). Liquor service must cease 30 minutes prior to finish time of the function.
  • The sponsor group will pay any additional labour required to repair or clean up the premises.
  • The location must be appropriate to the function, and conform to UBC space use policy.
  • Attendance must not exceed the rated capacity of the room to be used, or the limit approved for the function. Functions held in buildings where occupancy limits are not known may obtain occupancy limits from the Campus Facilities Management department.
  • The sponsoring organization is to ensure no liquor is permitted to leave the building area in which the function is held, and ensure that patrons vacate the area in a timely manner after finishing time.
  • The person named in the Special Occasion License (Serving It Right Person) must be present throughout the entire event and available to meet UBC officials, law enforcement officers, and Liquor Board Inspectors. Once the liquor permit is obtained, a copy is to be delivered to the Campus Security Department 5 business days prior to your event and during normal UBC business hours.
  • UBC designated officials, law enforcement officers, and Liquor Board inspectors, are empowered to cancel events at any time if violation of the law, or UBC policies are breached.
Event Organizer
Note: This person must be present during the entire event.
Event Date & Time
Event Location
Event Details

Please contact Security for more details.

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UBCO Food Services
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Outside Food Service
Special Occasion License (SOL)
Under the revised UBC Policy #13 a SOL may or may not be required. Campus Security will determine if you must obtain a SOL and RCMP approval, including a Serving It Right designate. UBC Policy # 13 must be followed at all events. Find the SOL online at
Event Status

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