Exception to Field Policy Request

Important Information & Deadlines


Students must note that an exception is any request to alter the policies and procedures for the field education process including application deadlines, pre-requisite course requirements, start dates or attendance patterns during the field education placement. This process is not intended to replace any existing procedures, including the process for awarding an incomplete grade.

The following includes noteable deadlines for certain types of exception requests within the field education timeline. Students should note that the following list does not include all potential exception to field requests:

  • May 1: Exception request regarding structure of placement and field education requirements (i.e., 4 days a week requirement, etc.)
  • November 1 or March 1: Exception request regarding an appeal of assigned placement 
  • During the term: Exception request regarding deadlines and SOCW 519/559 requirements (e.g., missed field education readiness sessions)

The Exception to Field Policy Request will be reviewed by the Field Education Office and Committee. Students will be notified of the Committee's decision within a respectful and timely matter (i.e., two week turnaround). The Committee’s decision will be final.


If you have questions please contact the Field Education Office at ask.field@ubc.ca


Note: If you are requesting an exception because you missed a deadline or have not completed appropriate coursework, then you must explain what occurred that was beyond your control to justify why policy should be waived. Failure to know about deadlines or pre-requisite requirements are not sufficient reasons.
Please describe the relevant dates that this exception to field policy request will need to occur (i.e., for matching process, type of placement, appeal process deadline, or for Winter Term 2/Sumer Term start dates, etc.).

For questions about this form, please contact:

Field Education Coordinator
(250) 807-9437

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