FCCS Letter of Permission

UBC students are expected to complete their coursework at UBC. In exceptional circumstances, students may appeal for a Letter of Permission (LOP) to study elsewhere and transfer the credit to UBC to be applied to their BA, BFA, BMS and BSc degrees. To obtain an LOP, a student must demonstrate via an articulate academic rationale that the course at the other institution is a unique opportunity that will enhance their UBC degree.

Permission will not normally be granted when the requested course is a degree- or program-required course. Normally, letters of permission are issued only for students in good standing who are taking first- and second-year electives at an accredited institution. Normally, requests for upper-level courses will be considered only if they provide a unique learning opportunity (e.g. a field course not offered at UBC). 

Students who take a reduced course load during the winter terms should be prepared to take courses during summer sessions, or take an additional year to complete their degree. Proximity to home or lower cost of taking the course at another institution are not sufficient reasons for taking a course elsewhere. Students may be asked to provide documentation supporting claims made in the request.

Degree-required first-year ENGL courses must be completed on campus. Normally, LOP requests will not be approved for courses that fulfill the language requirement for the BA degree.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The student cannot be on Academic Probation or Failed Standing, or have a Standing Deferred for any courses.
  • Normally, the student must have successfully completed a minimum of 24 credits at UBC before submitting an LOP request.
  • The student must have a minimum GPA of 60%, with no failed courses in the previous term.
  • The student cannot be away from UBC while doing Co-op, Go Global, or on leave from the university.

Additional Guidelines

  • Retroactive LOPs will not be approved; students must obtain an LOP before taking a course elsewhere.
  • Normally, only one course at a time will be approved on an LOP request.
  • Normally, students can apply a maximum of six credits (or two courses) taken on a Letter of Permission to their BA, BFA, BMS or BSc degree.
  • The student cannot be attending classes at UBC while completing a course elsewhere (an exception is when a student is repeating a course at Okanagan College).
  • The requested course must include a supervised final examination.
  • The approved course must be completed within the term for which the LOP was requested.
You must meet with an advisor before submitting a request for an LOP. http://students.ok.ubc.ca/advising/contact.html
If you do not have this information, please meet with an academic advisor.

STUDENT DECLARATION: By submitting this request, you agree to the following: I have read and understood the information about Letter of Permission as stated on the form. I am aware that I will be notified via my contact email on this form regarding the status of this LOP request.

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Lacia Vogel
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