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Own Agency Placement (OAP)

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OAP Policy Overview

Traditionally, Social Work field education placements are educationally-focused, unpaid learning opportunities in social work settings which are matched on the basis of the agency and the student’s educational needs. There are rare situations, however, where a student may be employed in a social work setting which meets the standards for a field education placement, and which can be accepted by the Field Education Office as an Own Agency Placement.

The student cannot utilize their current paid employment position as their field education placement, but could possibly complete the field education placement in another department or aspect of the agency. The agency must be large enough for the separation of the student’s current job responsibilities and the proposed field education placement social work activities. For example, a student who works as a medical clerk in a hospital could potentially complete their field education placement in the social work department working with oncology patients.

The guiding principle for the decision to accept an Own Agency Placement is that the field education placement must constitute new learning, appropriate supervision for student level, and an opportunity to apply theories and knowledge from the classroom in a practice setting. This new learning opportunity must meet our established guidelines for field education placements according to policies and procedures outlined in the School of Social Work's Student Manual.

Requirements for an Own Agency Placement:

  • The proposed agency must meet the same criteria as other approved School of Social Work field agencies as stated in the standards set by the Canadian Association of Social Work Education (CASWE).
  • The agency must be large enough and sufficiently diversified so that the activities must constitute new learning for the student:  i.e., a new population, new treatment modalities/methodologies, new field of practice. It must also be located in a different department/unit, different floor, or different site from current position as employee.
  • The activities must be congruent with the student’s level (Foundational Year 1 vs. Foundational Year 2/ Advanced track) in the program.
  • Students are allowed to complete only one field education placement at their agency of employment.
  • All of the required field education hours must take place under the supervision of a new (to the student) BSW or MSW (as appropriate) qualified Field Education Instructor. The Field Education Instructor must meet the standards of our program.
  • Students must submit the following application for approval of an Own Agency Placement to be reviewed by the Field Education Committee.

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