UBCEFRT Event Support Form

General Information

While many events, both on and off campus, can be fun for students, they may have some elements of risk. For these events, the UBC Okanagan Emergency First Response Team is available to support.

  • All fields must be completed for the form to be processed
  • There may be charges based on activities and coverage
  • All applications must be submitted at least one week prior to the date of the event

Due to availability of the responders on our team and other events, we may be unable to support your event; providing as much advanced notice as possible will help us coordinate our team so we can support you.

Contact Information

Please provide us with the information about who is booking the Team.

Your name; please change if you're booking on behalf of someone else.
A main line for us to contact you prior to the event with any questions in order to complete you booking.
Name of the department, group, or organization you are booking on behalf of.
Is your group or organization affiliated with UBC Okanagan?
Are you a student-run group or club, a University Department, or affiliated to the University in another way?

Event Details

This section will give us a better understanding of the event you're intending to run. If you're in the planning stages of your event, please give us as much information as possible so we can attempt to support you. You may also need to complete an Event Form for Campus Security at http://security.ok.ubc.ca/events.html. 

What is your event called?
When are you planning to host your event? Please remember, we need a minimum of one week to be able shift our team for you.
When is your event ending?
Where are you holding your event? Please be specific, especially if your event is off campus or in multiple locations.
Please provide a detailed description of the event. The greater detail you can provide will help us allocate our Responders with skills or interests that align with your event.

Responder Needs

This section will help us better understand the specific needs you may have of our Responders when on site. If you're unsure of the specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Tell us how many people you're expecting at the event. Feel free to give a high estimate if you're not sure. We'll then use that information to allocate Responders. Our Responders work in teams of two or three. The number of Responders needed for your event may be dependent on the number of participants, the activities taking place, or the size of the event space.
Give us an idea of when you want us there. Unless otherwise stated, Responders will arrive 30 minutes prior to the event and leave 30 minutes after the close down of the event.
If you have any briefings prior to the event (before or day of) that you would like them to attend, please indicate that here.
Please tell us when our Responders should be at your briefing.
Will there be other supports or resources (i.e. Security, Police, EMS, etc.) at your event?
What specific resources or supports have your contracted for your event?
Please explain what you're expecting our Responders to deal with while on shift. Naturally, our Team will be able to support your event regardless of what you select, but this helps us better schedule Responders who may have particular interest or experience relevant to your event.

Other Details

Is there anything else our team needs to know? Please include any site maps or attachements relevant for our team.

Please include any important attachments for our team to review. This could include things like site maps, instructions for the team, contact information, etc.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png doc docx xls xlsx.

For questions about this form, please contact:

UBC Emergency First Response Team
(250) 807-9802

Privacy Notification

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